UPDATE ON ENTRY!  PLEASE NOTE There is still plenty of time to enter your paintings & drawings by email (extended till Mon 2nd) and then deliver to 217, High Street on the Tuesday/Wednesday 3&4th. (We will exhibit all works that are entered but do reserve the right to not if we think they might offend). Please bring works in clip frames, it keeps the work safe. Any questions- email us at 9to90creativecommunity@gmail.com

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Here they Are! The free amazing workshops we have compiled to go alongside the 9to90CreativeCommunity project 2109. They are free, and if you follow the links underneath you can book onto them! Most of them are for all ages, but do read the information carefully! Any questions, please email us on 9to90creativecommunity@gmail.com
For the Michael Sheen Collage Portrait workshop on the 12th of November, click here 
For the Stich a Micheal Sheen workshop on November 18th, click here
For the Stitch a Coat of Arms Workshop, on November 25th  click here 
For the Coat of Arms Collage Workshop, on November 29th, click here
For the Re-imagining the Swansea Coat of Arms Workshop, on Nov 30th am , click here
For the monoprint Coat of Arms Workshop, on November 30th pm, clickhere
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The Creative Community is back, seeking local creatives and those that might not yet know they ARE creative! This year we are taking inspiration from the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Swansea.

Our launch for entries will be from mid-October and the final submission date is November 29th. It’s called 9to90 but anyone of any age can enter!

The free open submission arts exhibition will again be in GS artists and Volcano on Swansea High Street, with a celebratory opening event on Saturday Dec 7th. This year we are keen to work with artists to be able to sell their work and so will keep the exhibition open to the public for 5 days, we will take no commission or fees.

This year we have 2 specially themed categories and they are –

Local Hero – This year we have chosen Michael Sheen, who hails from South Wales and has proved himself a real hero this year with his devotion to tackling poverty by supporting the arts and his selfless dedication and commitment to the Homeless World Cup. We think he is a real Welsh Hero and so would love to see portraits of him in any medium.

And – The Coat of Arms.Re-imagine the Swansea Coat of Arms, which is in a way a self-portrait of a city.  We are looking for a new design, a new vision, a new way to represent our city, for the future 50 years and beyond. We will actually realize some of the shortlisted designs.

The full list of categories for the show are:

1. Painting and drawing

2. Photography

3. Craft

4. Prose and Poetry

5. Design a new Coat of Arms

6. A Portrait of Michael Sheen

Please note…

Age categories are;  14 & under, 18 & under and adults

You can enter up to two pieces for each category, by email to the email address below

We will exhibit as much of the work as we can, but reserve the rights to exclude works that might cause offence

Ideally works are presented in perspex clip framed, Or un-framed.

Exhibitors are responsible for delivery & collection of their artworks

Selling your work – All works can be for labelled for sale and no commission will be charged. We are happy to pass on the client’s/artists details so that you can arrange payment privately.


Also! Look out we will be advertising free, family workshops via our Facebook page, where we explore portraits with collage, drawing and painting and the history and future of our coat of arms.  As it is the 50th anniversary of Swansea becoming a city we feel that we should now have a coat of arms or symbol that represents our city for what it is today, a city of sanctuary, a city by the sea, a city that is more culturally more diverse than it was founded in 1969.