Meet Jackie, another Art Club volunteer ❤️

Please can you tell us a little about yourself.

So, my name is Jackie Gough and I’ve got three children and a partner. I’ve been a hard-working mum and now I’m a nanny to five grandchildren.  The eldest one’s hobby is arts and crafts, just like her nanny. I like doing arts & crafts- its very cathartic as well. Because sometimes I draw what I feel, or I draw an idea in my head.  I suppose it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’ve finished and it’s an exercise in not criticising myself as well, as sometimes you just get lost in the process. Rather than thinking you have to do something.

Sometimes I like if there’s a little error in something because it shows it’s handmade and not just mass produced. I’m learning to not need to make things to be perfect. Because if a painting or drawing was perfect, if it’s photo realistic, you might as well just take a photo and there’s none of me in it, whereas the things I do are made with love. 

I think when I start things, I worry that it’s not going to come out the way I want it to. And then it kind of has a moment where it starts to all come together and it’s like oh, actually quite like this! 

You seem to try lots of different methods?

I used to say I’m a Jack(ie) of all trades and master of none. But now I’ve made a poster that says “Jack of All Trades & F**king Awesome! 

I think it’s nice to do lots of different things, it goes with my moods, when I feel like doing something different. I like making other people happy as well, by making things for them.

What have you enjoyed most about being part of 9to90? 

I like to see what other people are doing!  And it’s amazing to see how other people interpret things. Or you know, what comes out of them, everyone is so different!. It’s really nice to be part of a group as well, and it encourages me more, to do more of my art and makes me feel happier.   I like doing different methods, and trying different things that I haven’t done before, even things I don’t like! I really hate doing collage, but the collages that I did of Rob Brydon, I think they came out really well, I surprised myself! 

What interests you about being part of a weekly Art Club.

Well, I like meeting up with people and just being creative in a happy bubbly atmosphere. It encourages me to do my art and I think it’s quite often nicer for me if I’m doing it around other people. And even if I’m having a really, really bad day, just sitting amongst people doing art, it’s still inspirational and lifts me. I suppose that it can quieten my critical voice as well, and that’s really good! The Art Club not being a course is good for me too because my moods, or my interest changes, sometimes I might be really into Needle felt, and then I might want to do some drawing at another time. Or if I’m feeling down, I might want to do some cathartic drawing or painting or whatever. Or if I want to make something for somebody I can. I really like that it’s flexible, though I do like learning new skills too!  

Do you think volunteering would help you? 

Oh yes, because it will give me purpose and make me feel like I’m giving something to people. And for myself as well to feel inspired and more confident. Like I’m worth something!  Not that I need to do anything to show my worth, but it all helps! I would like to build up my confidence in helping others, as I would like to teach crafts to people in the future.

We know you will be a great volunteer as you are so inspirational in classes, we are really looking forward to you being part of our art club. Thankyou Jackie! 

Craig Leanney – Some of my Works and me!

Hello can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hello, hello, everybody. My name is Craig Leanney! I would call myself an artist – though I don’t do it for a living, I do it for an identity! I’ve been doing it for years. I did a foundation course; drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture- working with all sorts of different mediums!  It really got my creative juices flowing. I really like being around creative people, so part of my reasons for coming to 9to90 Creative Community at GS Artists, is to get back into creating and making and being around other creative people.

What have you particularly enjoyed about 9to90? 

During Lockdown, 9to90 had a fantastic scheme where they sent out in the post very good quality art materials. Sometimes there would be a Zoom class to follow, or some in-person classes. One particularly good project is every year they have a different artist and you had to do a portrait of them, one year it was Rob Brydon. And that was quite interesting. Because you could do whatever medium you want it so I would you know, I had fun doing something in cardboard, one in clay and we made some in embossed metal foil.  But since lockdown I have been suffering, mainly my mental health, because I’ve not been active.  I have the kind of brain that needs to be active to be happy.  I also live in a place called Cross Hands, which is quite a distance from anywhere, so transport is a problem, and I really feel isolated. 

What interests you in being part of the 9to90 Art Club?

The idea of volunteering at the 9to90 Art Club, maybe once a week, and being around other creative people, would really help. bIt would be great if we can get a few people together weekly, spending their time being creative and making things and me telling stories of ourselves or ideas or whatever. And I’m really looking forward to being involved. I’ve accumulated a number of techniques of working,  but I like to experiment, I like to play! I’m very much an idea’s person, so think I could inspire others. I can hopefully help run a class- I could offer a lot being part of a group. 

It sounds like you think volunteering would help you?  

I have a disability that means I’m very tired all the time- Narcolepsy, and I’m diabetic, and have high blood pressure and I’m getting to the point where I have mobility problems as well. So for this project to bring me into Swansea so then I can be around other creative people would be very good for my mental health. If I don’t have social interaction with people, I just stay in bed. At the moment it’s been quite bad because I get one visit from a helper a week – the rest of time I’m just staying in bed. So the Art Club would offer me help breaking that isolation.  

My brain is very creative. It’s got ideas going all the time, but unless I’m with other people, I’m not very alert a lot of the time so this project would help me on so many levels, and it would also just make me feel useful.  If I volunteer to help and guide a class of half a dozen people making something, then I’m concentrating on that and not concentrating on my problems! So that’s what I’m looking forward to! 

THANKYOU CRAIG, see you at our 9to90 Art Club soon! 

Some of My Artworks And ME

My Artworks for GS Artist Swansea by Weixin Liu

As a mother of three, I have seen many other children take part in sporting activities and judging by the smiles on their faces, they really enjoy themselves. But not all the children are the same. Some of them are willing to do something different, like painting and drawing. I have taken everything to heart. I hope to make a difference to these children who have individual talents by exploring their potential.

Although I have been passionate about creating art since I was a child, I am eager to gain more knowledge and ideas to fulfil myself. Therefore, in my spare time, I have been learning many interesting art crafts. I enjoy using my skills to connect with others who have a similar passion to mine.

Ceramic Hanging Plate – Happy Family
Green and white Ceramic Bowl – Chinese Leaf shaped Bowl
Green and Blue Ceramic Bowl – Jewellery Holder
Glass Work – Autumn Leaf
Glass work – Seasonal Dust Botanical Pattern Glass Hanging
Fused Glass Works – Glass Pendants
Butterfly made from Blinds material
Recycled Material Bag with Scrunchie Handle
Golden Swan made from Blinds Material
Catherine Zeta-Jones Collage Portrait
Christmas Wreath

Art Club Interview with Weixin

W. Hello, my name is Weixin and I just left Gower College in Swansea and I have been to 9to90 Art Club a lot of times. And I found it very useful and was very delighted to meet new people there. And I found the staff they are really friendly and they really are really easy to work with.  The classes I want to do  art and crafts activities because these classes are great for a sense of  achievement and you take pride in your own work, which will help builds up my own confidence. 

I have been thinking about amazing art ideas to bring into the Art Club classes. For example, I would like to link us with the  Chinese Community Centre to work with us to show here to show how the Chinese community work with art and how we can develop and integrate their art culture into the wider city community. 

What made you come to the art classes- What does it make you feel?  

W. And when I go to the art class, I can meet new people, which I have an opportunity to make a friendship and ways of making new connections. And also with other artists working together, I can also challenge myself to learn something new, and it improved my levels of art. And focus on the technique more all because everybody has their own techniques. And from them, you can learn new skills, the easier way to do things

What would you like to what would you like to do in classes?  What new skills would you like to learn? What new kind of ideas would you have for classes – you have mentioned linking us up with the  Chinese community and bringing them in to Swansea a bit more. But you also talked about drawing with children- please could you talk a little bit about some of the ideas that you had.

W. The thing is that I have three children and my children they are not really sporty. So I have found that many people they I really care about a sports like many family of my friends, you know their children are really good at football and rugby or swimming even you know, but not my children, they’re not really sporty. So I think they can bring the other skills into the community, I can bring some art, drawing and other skills, like reading music. Since I started doing classes many other people have been asking me where they can do art, and I would like to bring them in. I had one particular idea for Children- I think good idea if we put paper all around the walls of the gallery and just let kids come in and paint and draw where they want,  and draw what’s in their mind. . And we could cut out some of the drawings, frame them and put on a wall to display. If somebody wanted, we can sell them for the children. And they will eat the result will boost their confidence, because people will buy their works

It’s a great idea, you are right selling a small piece would be a great boost to anyone’s confidence. So would you like the idea of a weekly class- I know you are going to be a volunteer and inspire others to join us which is great ! 

W. Yes a regular class once a week, something regular, but that it’s not a course. Something that’s a drop in class? And also maybe we could have a family class. Children and adults working together? 

Thank you Weixin for showing us the works you’ve made at art classes in Swansea and sharing your ideas that you want to bring to Art Club! 

Interview with Abigail Fraser- member 9to90 Art Club.

What’s your name and can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hello! My name is Abigail Fraser, an artist and engagement tutor with a youth training scheme (some of the collages we made recently in a class below. My interests revolve around the exploration of memories throughout Welsh History, and I work with these themes a lot. 

I enjoy making art as making things or putting all of my thoughts and worries into an artwork helps me feel calm. I enjoy helping others make work just as much as I enjoy being creative myself, as it feels like a natural way to learn more about yourself and help yourself!  

My hobbies include spending time with my collie Peggy, who is an excellent art critique, and yoga.

What’s the best thing for you about the 9 to 90 project? 

I share the 9to90 belief that art should be accessible for people from every background,  Accessibility to materials and teachings should not be determined by factors such as class, age, race or sexuality, and should instead be receptive to new people,  with new potential.

The 9-90  project is about making art accessible for all. Allowing us to reach a wider audience of potential artists that don’t know they are artists and help develop a wider knowledge of art in society.

Why do you want to be part of the weekly Art Club? 

I want to be part of the weekly art club to meet new people and help them to develop their artistic potentials. I love the fact that the 9-90 art club is accessible to all. Welcoming everyone to have a go at making something without the pressures of achieving a certain level or aesthetic of art. It excites me to see the work of those who are willing to give making art a go! As the result is often just as surprising and satisfactory to those who are doing the making. 

Another reason I want to be part of the Weekly art club is to encourage the activity of creating in groups. I believe this could be very beneficial to any persons practice as working in groups greats a great environment for bouncing ideas and being inspired by others.

What are you looking forward to sharing with the group, tell us about a few ideas for the 9 to 90 Art Club. 

I am looking forward to sharing my passion for art with the group! A few of my ideas include a Welsh poetry class for beginners, a Welsh music inspired life drawing class, a culture collage class, featuring images from Welsh history, and Christmas card classes that will involve everyone sharing and involving others by gifting their artworks!

Thankyou Abigail, great to hear from you!