Join artist, film maker and previous 9to90 Prize winner Joann Randles in an online Portraiture Class with Rob Brydon as subject.

As part of the build up to this years 9to90 we have asked a few previous prize winners to share some tips, artist to artist.. 

We start off with artist and film maker, Joann Randles, she will talk you through her approach to painting a portrait, appraching this year’s subject of Rob Brydon.

Jo will share some ideas of which source photograph to use, give you some tips on things to consider. She has made a short film to share with you and then afterwards we can all paint… Becuase of time constraints we will be using acrylic Jo will introduce you to her oil painting secrets. You will finish the class, feeling confident to both approach your subject matter and possible in the future, your oil paints !

Those who sign up for the class here with a zoom link ticket , and email us their home address will receive a set of acrylic paints and a prime board, ready for use!. 

Pleaes email your home address to 9to90creativecommunity@gmail.comĀ