Create your very own ‘Rob’ by tearing, cutting, ripping , scoring and layering cardboard.

Come and join Rachael Barry, mixed media community artist via zoom to create a portrait of Rob Brydon, on Friday 11th December 2-4pm

Rachael says about the workshop- 

“Well known for his ‘Small Man in a Box’ impression lets make a portrait of Rob Brydon using a box. 

Choose your favourite face of Rob Brydon, whether he’s Beige Uncle Bryn, slick Gameshow Host Rob or Gastro Critic on one of his foodie trips.

Before the class, please can you collect up, cardboard, food packets, toilet rolls, packing paper and any old magazines or books*. “I look forward to seeing you”.

* We will send you an art pack including a glue stick, double sided tape, masking tape pencils and pens and other bits and bobs, so do email us your address to 

Rachel also requests that you gather and art /craft cutting apparatus, Scissors, blades( if you have to hand and have used before) and if you have any some PVA glue?