The 9to90 Creative Community event’s return with the launch of an extra special “Paint a Portrait Competition, with accompanying free portraiture classes online During November and December 2020.

Welsh comedy star Rob Brydon has been handed a new role as the subject for dozens of portrait artists. Rob has decided that his parents are the best judges and has handed over this responsibility to them! 

The actor has said; “I’d like to wish all the artists the very best of luck in what will undoubtedly be a most unpleasant task. At least when it’s done, they’ll know it’s finished. In the meantime, may I suggest Catherine Zeta Jones as next year’s subject’

GS Artists Director Jane Simpson says “Portraits are a fantastic challenge for all, especially if the subject is admired as much as Rob, such a talented performer, and obviously proud of his Welsh Roots and vice versa – the affection for him is clear.  Previous subjects for the portrait category were Michael Sheen, and Sir Peter Blake. They have been immortalized in beetroot, fabric, cardboard, metal, oil paint, photography, pencil and collage. The results have been amazing. Filling a whole gallery with portraits is just incredible

Submissions are encouraged from all creatives; independent artists, schools, colleges, adult learning groups etc. will be invited to take part in free online classes in portraiture, with free art materials delivered. Submissions will be accepted via email to with participants encouraged to share their entries on social media. We will work with our partners Crisis on all of these online events.

The winners will be announced on Saturday December 19th, with ALL the works displayed on our new online gallery.  MORE DETAILS TOO COME ON ALL EVENTS,  follow us on Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

Obviously Covid has affected everyone’s plans,  creativity is clearly helping everyone in these dark times, so to make our activities as affective as possible we are extending our workshops till March 2021, when our open access free exhibition, the 9to90 Exhibition will run from 5th-14th March, 2021 at GS Artists, 217 High Street , Swansea SA1 1PE, and online too. During January and February, we will host numerous workshops, in all the categories.   We will also have another ‘Paint a Portrait’ Competition, the ‘subject’ to be announced later in the year, but rest assured she is a true Welsh Icon with the voice of an angel…..  

This year we are extremely proud to announce that the development of our new website and our next 6 months of projects are being funded by Arts For All, from the National Lottery.  We simply wouldn’t be able to do this work without their support and are extremely grateful.