IN Conversation with Gavin Turk,  Exhibtion Launch and Lunch!

Please join us on Saturday 16th November at noon, for an in-conversation & launch of the  new exhibition at Galerie Simpson Artists.                                      

The day will commence with lunch,  followed by Gavin Turk (artist and activist) in discussion with Debbie Rees (artist, grower, activist, XR Cymru),  Ella Southwell (artist & XR Cymru)  John Marchant (gallerist and XR member), Owen Griffiths (artist, workshop leader and curator) ,  Jane Simpson (artist & GS Artists Director).

We will look at the last 9 months of XR actions and its relationship with the art world. Has XR had any affect on the way artists are working /wish to work? What changes do we have to make? We will start our journey with Gavin Turk being arrested on Westminster Bridge in April,  to Gary Hume’s request to the National Portrait Gallery to remove BP as a sponsor,  to now and most importantly to the future.  We will talk about the highs and lows of the XR campaign and the central role of art and artists have and must play.  There will be plenty of time for questions, and audience participation is actively encourged.